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I'm Stef. My interests in Psychology and Art began early on, since roughly my middle and high school years. Throw in a career spanning the Finance, Hospitality, Tech, and the Film & Entertainment industries, and you get a fairly well-rounded understanding of humans and their nature!

All of these environments have led to different opportunities, perspectives, and exciting stops along the way; paintings of mine have been featured in Florianopolis Gallery in Panama City Beach, and even more recently at a show with Los Ruano Gallery in Los Angeles, with smaller features and exhibitions all along the way; I'm also a comic book series creator and self-publisher who has been on panels and hosted public book signings!

With all that said - I can speak with authority on art -
and show you how to get started,
in your own way!

Paintings and drawings are not the end-all be-all,
and that is what I aim to teach.

Award design win Stef Schultz
Award design win Stef Schultz

Are you human?
Well, you're an artist!
It's that simple.
Let me help you find your art!

It doesn't have to be painting, or drawing, or even bread-making.
Let's have a look at your passions and hone in on what art is all yours.*

*Exclusions may apply, as we strive to maintain a family-friendly and professional environment.
Thank you for understanding that we have the right to refuse service if we feel things
could be taking an unsafe direction.

Any questions?
Time to book a session?

If you have any questions, reach out!