Unleashing Your Inner Artist: How to Let Go of Inhibitions and Embrace Creativity

The fear of the unknown - don't let it get the best of you!

Stef - To Art Is Human

4/24/20241 min read

In a world often ruled by routine and conformity, the act of creating can sometimes feel very daunting. Many of us harbor a deep-seated desire to express ourselves artistically, but find ourselves held back by inhibitions and self-doubt, inflicted internally, from externally, or even both! Letting go of these limiting beliefs is crucial to not only embracing our artistic sides...but to enriching our lives with creativity.

Here are a few ways tha you could start or find your own creative process!

Start Small
The act of starting can often be the hardest part, due to the pressure of envisioning a masterpiece, or seeing an empty canvas or page in front of you. BREATHE. THEN focus on the process rather than the outcome. This could mean doodling, writing short poems, or playing with clay. Small successes will build your confidence, I promise.
It's worked for me.

Keep a Journal
Document your journey. Keeping a journal can be a powerful tool for self-reflection and progress-tracking. Write about your feelings, frustrations, and successes. Over time, you may notice patterns that lead to breakthroughs, further helping to reduce inhibitions.

Celebrate Every Step
Celebrate your courage to create. Each step you take is a victory against your inhibitions. Recognize and celebrate these moments, no matter how small they may seem. This positive reinforcement can empower you to continue and explore deeper into your artistic potential.

Revisit Your Inspirations
Finally, keep close to what inspired you to want to create in the first place. Whether it’s nature, music, a favorite artist, or a personal experience, revisiting these inspirations can reignite your passion and push your inhibitions aside.

Letting go of inhibitions to embrace your artistic side isn't about altering who you are - but it is about revealing and nurturing the creative energies you already have. By creating a no-judgment environment for yourself, starting with small steps, and embracing the journey of creation, you will pave the way for fulfilling and artistic expression.

Grab your tools—be they brushes, words, or notes—and book a session with us if you'd like a helping hand to start on the path to self-expression today!